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There was little doubt in my mind from the moment I spied William Joseph products that they made a good quality item with a pretty cool look to boot, but how does a product translate from tackle shop shelf to the decks of a myriad of salt soaked boats and stuffy, overcrowded lockers? Read on.
I need tackle storage, you can never have too much when guiding and Ice Fishing as much as I do. Some years back I purchased a large sage boat bag which was of waterproof design, excluding the zips. I loved it, but it was a big bag with lots of zips and compartments and took up a lot of room. I really needed a simpler, smaller bag as well, something light and transportable yet it could still sit exposed on a salty boat deck and protect my reels and flies. The William Joseph (WJ) Tsunami bag seemed about right!

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I measured the bag at 28cm x 32cm x 40cm this is a modest sized bag and suits the day tripping angler or boat owner that likes several reels, tackle boxes or assorted gear to be kept in easy reach. The reason i measured the bag is because if I directed you to the WJ website you'd find almost no useful information about the bag at all, their product seems good but their website was so lacking in details I couldn't even find an internal photo of the bag (rant over:)
This bag has two removable rigid dividers that can be attached using the velcro (hook n loop) attached to the bags internal walls. This provides up to 3 separate compartments.One of the dividers has a zip pocket in it although I'm not sure what you'd fit in here other than a spare postage stamp or two.
The lid has an internal zip and clear pocket, handy for items you need to see and grab quickly, car keys anyone? I hate too many pockets in tackle bags, it seems a good thing when you buy them but the reality is unless you have a great memory it becomes like my wife handbag when i ask her where her car keys are....................that's a ten minute, 30 pocket exercise:)





The main lid is opened via a two way zip that runs around 3 sides of the waterproof bag. The zip itself appears to not be waterproof but any spray or even light hosing is very unlikely to penetrate the bag. The Tsunami is completed with a central carry handle on the lid and a detachable carry strap anchored by a sturdy D-ring arrangement either side. WJ state this bag is not designed for immersion but I'd think you would have to be a complete muppet to buy this product and not realise that!

Simple and functional with removable dividers

So how does this bag perform? Like all my reviews I am going to ensure I put the product through the torture test and lets just say I didn't hold back on this one. After more than 12 months of abuse this bag is still as functional as the day I bought it.




The bag does however look a little like it passed out the back of  New Delhi Garbage truck but it's still maintained enough dignity to hold it's head high. I accidentally left this bag in a kill tank/dry store locker where we had failed to put the drain plug in. This meant water was filling the locker all day, probably half way up the bag for 3 days, nothing inside the bag was wet, not even a drop. This bag has been hosed, squashed into cars, boat lockers and even eskies, sure, its not as shapely as the new one in the picture and the sun has faded the nice dark brown to a lighter colour, but its still in perfect working order. This bag has sat with water under it and around it more days than I care to remember but Ive never had water above the zipper - of course.

my well and truly tested bag, still functional but less pretty


So what of the zips? Well heres the one thing I need to say, I abused the bag, I didn't abuse the zips. I ensured the zips got a very regular dose of silicone spray or similar. This is no different to every zip on any product I own that goes near salt water. I also never ever close a bag using the zip , I close the lid or pocket and then slide the zip.
The Side D-rings have started to rust on the surface and some of the material has started to look a little "hairy" near the zippers as well. I suggest hitting the D-Rings with silicone when you spray the zips, something I neglected to do. If you can do those things religiously then I can almost guarantee this bag will be a winner and won't let you down.

* Simple, sturdy and aesthetically pleasing construction
* Minimal pockets and easy divider configuration
* Solid Zips
* rigid to protect gear from day to day knocks and bumps
* Reasonably priced

*D-Rings can rust
*Zips are never maintenance free especially in salt

Score 9/10
Does what its designed to do with simplicity and a good degree of  durability