Sydney Storms a welcome flush for the waterways

There is always a mix of emotions when I witness a weather system like the one Sydney Experienced in Mid April across the Sydney Basin. Watching Huge Angophora trees that have stood for decades come crashing down whilst torrents of water scream down hills and drains, flooding our local rivers and estuaries and flushing debris and silt out to sea.

We've certainly had good rain this year but this is a total pummelling. The sad part for me is that the next week or so will prove very tough fishing as the waters will be full of debris and silt. Give the waters a few decent tides and wait for this huge swell to abate and the flushing of these waterways will certainly stir some great action. No doubt the huge number of pelagic fish that visited for the Summer will head deep and then head out to sea. Local Kingfish will most likely drop below the freshwater (freshwater floats above salt) and sit in deeper holes until water clears. Baitfish and prawns will be making some serious migrations to suitable salinity and this can cause big aggregations of bait in concentrated areas, find the bait and the predators won't be far behind. Jewfish will be loving the dirty water to ambush the mullet that will now be running to sea. Squid will sit in deeper water as they always do at this time of the year, they are spawning.

This kind of intense rain revitalises waterways and has been part of shaping the river systems for millennia, the fish will cope and I'm certain it brings a renewed health and vigour to our river systems.